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social better than seo 2

Do You Know Why Facebook and Twitter are Better Than SEO?

Do you know why Facebook and Twitter are better than SEO when it comes to getting more traffic for … more

Lead Social

Online Marketing Tools to Help Your Business

It's really hard not to be overwhelmed by the myriad social media tools available in 2014. Almost on … more

skype balloon

How to Record a Skype Interview

One in every three customers over the last two years that Jontus Media add to their client roster … more

joe pulizzi podcast

Content Marketing is a Commitment, not a Campaign

I read Joe Pulizzi's Epic Content Marketing recently. Or rather: I listened to it twice back-to-back … more

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9 Blog Posts You Should Be Writing

You need to be answering the questions and issues your target audience go online to find the answer … more


My Best-Kept Secret to Make Your Business Irresistible Online

Jon and I have been friends for five years now (thanks, Twitter!) but it’s only in the past six … more

Izabela russell

Let’s Talk About Branding – with Izabela Russell

[ Right-click to download ] Time and again we work on projects where customers come to the table … more

Brilliant! - Thanks Sebastian  & John

Not Your Average Marketing Agency

This week I've held Skype calls with customers in the US, emailed a client in South America several … more

landing page conversions detective

How to Increase Conversion Rates & ROI with Split Testing

Do the following statements apply to you? You’ve invested in developing an ebook but no one is … more

Jon Buscall, Aggie and Winnie 2014

Hello School of Podcasting Visitors!

If you've just clicked through to the site after listening to Dave Jackson interview me on the … more


5 Things to Learn About Your Target Audience

[ Right-click to download ] This week's show is all about reaching your audience and the kind of … more

email marketing

6 Secrets to a Successful Email List

Everyone tells you, as a business, you must have an email list. An email list is everything. “It’s … more


Website Development on a Tight Budget

Don’t put your blog on the front page of your website. Well, you can. But it’s better if you don’t. … more


The Best Mixer for Podcasting

With podcasting really having taken off in 2014, a lot of people contact me about the best mixer for … more

developing a marketing plan

How to Develop a Successful Marketing Plan

[ Right-click to download ] No matter what stage you are at in your business, it is imperative … more

snip-ly link shortener

Snip.ly Adds Custom Call-To-Actions to Your Links

Michael Cheng, founder of Snip.ly, a new breed of link shortener that works to drive conversion, … more