10 Things for Thanksgiving

Here in Sweden we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but so many of my friends online are in the US that I wanted to share my own thanks this year on the podcast.

So I talk through ten of the things that I’ve been most thankful this year. There’s a fairly strong business focus here in keeping with the nature of the podcast but I also include some personal thanks.

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In particular, I’d like to thank:

as well as:

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The Happy Friday Series: Without the Woofs I’d Be Nothing

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  • http://soulati.com/blog Soulati

    As I sit awaiting our abundant Thanksgiving meal I listen to my #RockHot friend Jon who is thankful for the power of J above all else!!

    Jon, you started with thanks and thankful fors but you could not resist some social media tips!

    My very best to Aggie. So sorry to learn of her condition Jon. Much love.

    • http://jontusmedia.com/ Jon Buscall

      Thanks so much my friend !
      Have a great evening :=)

  • http://bulanetwork.com/ Randy Cantrell

    Thanks for the kind words, Jon. Happy to join you on your long drives (make sure you stay awake). I’m thankful to have “met” you and I’m thankful for your show, too!

    • http://jontusmedia.com/ Jon Buscall

      Thank you my friend.

      Sent from my iPad