Actionable Email Marketing Tips

Julie Hall

If you’re wondering whether you should start publishing an email newsletter or micro-course, you should definitely listen to this week’s Online Marketing & Communications Podcast. [Click to Tweet]

Julie Hall, who runs Women Unlimited and provides inspiration, motivation and education for female entrepreneurs, talks at length about how email marketing has helped her build her business.

Julie, who has over 5,000 people on her list, gives plenty of actionable tips to help you grow your own list.

We discuss:

  • where to place sign-up forms
  • how often to publish
  • email service providers
  • the importance of building trust

and much more.

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Wondering whether you should start an email newsletter or micro-course? Listen to this week’s podcast. Click to Tweet

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  • AnnHawkins

    I use Campaign Monitor and segmentation is possible – people can sign up to lots of different lists. 
    I gave up with AWebber after a row with them in which they admitted that their engineers couldn’t keep up with the latest updates in browsers and that they couldn’t do autoresponders.
    MailChimp just annoys the hell out of me. I’m not a needy 12 year old.  

  • jonbuscall

     @AnnHawkins I’m really surprised by your experience with Aweber. When did you last use them ? I think over the last 12 months the company has really improved their products although the current templates are still a bit cheesy. 
    I must take a look at Campaign Monitor. That a new one for me. Thanks to you and @juliehallonline for the tip :=)

  • internet marketing5

    Me too, I use Campaign monitor.. and I must say, it’s so good…

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