Andy Bargery on The Benefits of Speaking at Events

andy bargery

Be inspired by this man!

Andy Bargery from Klaxon Marketing in the UK got together over Skype to discuss why speaking at live events can and arguably should be a strategic part of growing your business.

Both Andy and I actively get involved at events and both of us share actionable tips and suggestions to help you get out there as well as a hefty does of encouragement.

If you’ve never thought about speaking at events as part of your business armoury or told yourself you don’t have the skills, this is the show for you.

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  1. Andy Bargery says:

    Hi Jon,

    Great to hear the interview. Thanks so much for asking me to join you on the show, it was a real pleasure. I hope your listeners find the conversation valuable and start getting out and sharing their knowledge and expertise.

    I very much look forward to coming back for the session on measurement and metrics.

    Thanks and speak soon.

  2. Thanks so very much for the lovely tip of the hat! I’m very grateful, and delighted to share your words and works:) You got the pronunciation down pat for Kaarina: it was so nice to hear it pronounced as it in in Finn. The last name’s my married name: maiden name was typically Finnish…Jokinen. kahreenuh yokeenen in Finn:)

    I LOVE to speak. It’s probably my # 2 favourite thing to do in my business, right after my #1 love of coaching/mentoring, followed closely by writing. I used to spend the highest percentage of my time on the road doing speaking gigs, slowed down a bit and am now looking to ramp up again. Thanks for the great podcast: it spurs me on! Cheers! Kaarina

  3. Thanks for the mention…from one under-dressed old, old guy to one over-dressed old guy. Been there, done that! I ALWAYS opt to be over-dressed than under-dressed though. Coats and ties are easy to take off. :D

    • Thanks for stopping by Andy. And PS: I’ve been investigating the DBX we were talking about. Now I’m eager to try one.


  1. [...] can listen to the full interview online here, or connect to Jon’s podcast in iTunes or Stitcher [...]

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