Do You Know Why Facebook and Twitter are Better Than SEO?

Do you know why Facebook and Twitter are better than SEO when it comes to getting more traffic for your business website?

They’re not!

Okay, I admit it was a bit of a trick question, but bear with me. The truth is that neither SEO nor social will get you targeted traffic that converts if you don’t focus on your audience.

When both are used correctly, however, I can guarantee you will find your customers and move them into your sales funnel.

Don’t believe me?

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Online Marketing Tools to Help Your Business

Lead Social

It’s really hard not to be overwhelmed by the myriad social media tools available in 2014. Almost on a weekly basis I discover something new to try. Like a magpie, I can’t help but collect bright, shiny new things. So I am always looking for the perfect solution to help with online marketing and happily trial new products.

In this week’s show I talk through some of the services I’ve recently been trying and share my thoughts and recommendations on how you could use them as part of your marketing mix.

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How to Record a Skype Interview

woman on microphoneOne in every three customers over the last two years that Jontus Media add to their client roster confess to discovering the company through the podcast.

Podcasting need not be daunting. You can record an interview over Skype. Today we’ll discuss how.

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Content Marketing is a Commitment, not a Campaign

joe pulizzi podcast

Joe Pulizzi daring to do different

I read Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content Marketing recently. Or rather: I listened to it twice back-to-back having got it on Audible. With three basset hounds I get do a lot of walking and a lot of listening!

Epic Content Marketing is one of the most outstanding and informative books on content marketing to date. Full of tips, advice and darn right good marketing sense, I got so excited listening to it that I got in touch with Joe to try and get him on the show.

First and foremost I wanted to talk to Joe about some of the key ideas in Epic Content Marketing and in the show we discuss some of the strategies and tactics you need to know about when it comes to content marketing.

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9 Blog Posts You Should Be Writing

You need to be answering the questions and issues your target audience go online to find the answer to on your blog. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to add a different flavour to the mix. Other kinds of posts can really bring traffic, build better relationships and get you noticed.

In this week’s episode of the Online Marketing & Communications Podcast, I talk through some of my favourite blog post types.

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My Best-Kept Secret to Make Your Business Irresistible Online

jj jmJon and I have been friends for five years now (thanks, Twitter!) but it’s only in the past six months I’ve gotten the “behind the scenes” view of how Jon approaches his business and his client work.

Recently I asked him, “How do you do it? How have you made your business so irresistible online?”

His answer was so good I knew I had to share it with you. Here’s the conversation we had.

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Let’s Talk About Branding – with Izabela Russell

Izabela russell

Izabela Russell, Music Radio Creative

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Time and again we work on projects where customers come to the table without having really understood:

  • what is branding
  • how branding works
  • why branding is so significant
  • and how to discuss branding.

To get the conversation going, I invited the wonderful Izabela Russell, one half of Music Radio Creative, to come on the show to talk about branding.
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Not Your Average Marketing Agency

That JontusMedia feeling. Photoshoot for #gooination

That JontusMedia feeling. Photoshoot for #gooination

This week I’ve held Skype calls with customers in the US, emailed a client in South America several times, done a website walkthrough on GoToMeeting with a client here in Stockholm, Sweden and that’s just the start of it.

I’ve talked everyday with Juanjo, who is in the design studio in Barcelona, Skyped and exchanged mails and Asana ToDos with Sebastian – the latest member of the team – in Osaka, Japan, project managed photo shoots in London, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and arranged for an intern to come and work with us in Stockholm.

We’ve also helped another client in the US, collaborated with the every wonderful Jenn on the great work she’s doing for two other clients, and put some notes towards a blog post as well. I also don’t want to forget all the conversations I’ve had with our London partner, Bernie, who has been doing a stella job running photo shoots for us with Georgia over in the UK.

Did I mention that I walked the woofs twice every day ?
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How to Increase Conversion Rates & ROI with Split Testing

landing page conversions detective

Do the following statements apply to you?

  • You’ve invested in developing an ebook but no one is downloading or buying
  • You’ve invested in developing a newsletter but no one is signing up
  • Your visitors arrive at your home page, and bounce right off
  • You’re not getting approached by targets / leads when you offer free consultations

Is the ROI on your website practically zero?

I think it’s safe to say you didn’t invest in a website, ebook, and newsletter only to have nobody care. You built it, now it’s time to get them there.
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Hello School of Podcasting Visitors!

Aggie podcasting

If you’ve just clicked through to the site after listening to Dave Jackson interview me on the School of Podcasting show, released today, here are a few links for you that tie in with what I talked about on the show.

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Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign

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