The Effect Mobile is Having on Webdesign

Episode 139 of Online Marketing & Communications now comes under the banner of Moondog Marketing & Media. Or Moondog for short.

We’re launching our new website in early 2015. Come over and say hello when we’re done.

In the meantime, you’ll find Jon on Twitter.
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That Was the Year That Was

online marketing

Jamie Wallace from Suddenly Marketing guests the show for a look back at the world of marketing in 2014. We also cast our gaze towards 2015.

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The 15-Day Audio Challenge

Viv Oyolu

Viv Oyolu

An interview with Viv Oyolu

Radio presenter, podcaster and audio consultant Viv Oyolu guests the podcast this week to talk about the 15-Day Audio Challenge and a whole lot more.

I came across Viv’s challenge when my pal Bernie J Mitchell started posting a small piece of audio and promoting it to his friends on Facebook. I clicked around, like you do, and discovered Viv was the inspiration behind the challenge.

In the show, Viv and I discuss how empowering audio can be and she reveals that the challenge has helped many participants find their own voice. In many ways I see this episode as a natural follow on from Episode 100 in which Randy Cantrell and I discussed creativity and storytelling.

There is a business point to this! After all, it is the Online Marketing and Communications show. As far as I’m concerned creativity is essential if our marketing materials are to stand out amidst the tidal wave of content that’s being published online. So many listeners to the show are bootstrapping their way forward and it’s important not to get sucked into the echo chamber. We have to dare to do different, to be different as we seek to find an audience for our content marketing online. I think Viv’s audio challenge is an excellent step to not only seeing what you can do with audio; it is also a stepping stone to experimenting with other forms of content.

Find Viv Online

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How to Optimize Hashtags

An Interview with Saul Fleischman from RiteTag

What with the immense waves of updates on social media channels continually charging by, one of the main ways in which we as both individuals and marketing professionals are able to get our message found or find the right message is through the use of hashtags.

For example, outside of work (and in the office too!), I’m a massive fan of Liverpool FC –as regular readers of this blog or listeners to the podcast will know. That’s why the hashtags #LFC and #YNWA have pride of place on one on my Hootsuite streams. By following them, I don’t have to weed my way through all the other updates in my stream. I can focus on just what really matters.

Similarly, as a marketer I use particular hashtags to get my clients noticed.

This week I discovered a tool that is already helping to make that easier: RiteTag.

Best used as a browser extension (or “plugin” as some folks call them), RiteTag helps you right within a variety of social media platforms to identify the hashtags that have the most reach, have worked best for you and will help you get your message seen.

In many ways, this really is the first tool that I’ve been able to use that seems to be delivering what I can only really call “hashtag optimization”!

A Truly Social Start-Up

After a day or two of trialling RiteTag, I tweeted out a message to the RiteTag team as I had a question about its Hootsuite integration. Co-founder Saul Fleischman reached out to me in very little time and got his team to help. This being the internet, we also exchanged messages and Saul agreed to come on the show to talk about what you can do with RiteTag.

Find Out How to get anyone talking with you from Twitter, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck Using RiteTag

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That OMG Moment in Marketing

I wanted to talk about that moment when you run digital marketing campaigns for your company and you start to think things aren’t working. I think we’ve all been there. This is my take on how to get a handle on it, where to go and what to do.


[0:01] [intro music]

Jon Buscall: [0:07] Hello, it’s Jon Buscall here from and Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks very much for coming on to listen to this show. This week, I’m going to be talking about that oh my gosh moment when you’ve been running your business for awhile now, whether your a solo or a small team, and you’ve had your additional marketing in place.

[0:28] You start looking at things and you start thinking, nothing’s working. We’re not getting any leads. Everyone else’s site looks better. Nothing that we’re doing is any good.

[0:40] I’m going to try to give you some encouragement and some tools to cope with that.

[0:45] [music]

Jon: [0:52] For starters, let’s all put our hands on our hearts and step forward and admit, yes, this happens to all of us. If we’re involved in marketing, there will come a day when we go to our computer, our smart phone, et cetera, we start looking at what we’re doing, and suddenly we’ll get gripped by panic.

[1:13] Now, of course, we could run around like headless chickens and make lots of changes and do lots of things, and think that being really active is solving our problem. I actually see this when people start talking to me and showing me what they’ve been doing as a way to try and improve things.

[1:32] Often, they’ll have pulled part of the tower apart, and it’ll all come tumbling down, when really they might have been better stepping back and looking at the whole structure before beginning to play. I hope that the kind of tools, the kind of suggestions that I’m giving you here will enable you to more slowly make changes to give you more an informed position.
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10 Things Every Bootstrapping Marketer Should Do

People often ask me for advice if they’re bootstrapping their marketing and want to go it alone on a minimal budget. On the show I discuss the ten things I consider must-dos.

1. Master WordPress
2. Have a goal
3. Measure – everything
4. Learn Analytics
5) Rind the right tools
6) Create brand personas
7) Think differently
8) Be reflective
9) Relax about SEO
10) Build meaningful relationships

Links Mentioned in the Show:


Jon Buscall:  [0:08] Hello. It’s Jon Buscall here from in Stockholm talking to you from the Dog House Studio. This week on the show, I guess we’re talking about 10 things that every bootstrapper who’s dealing with their marketing themselves or as part of a very, very small team should do.

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Is There a Quick Fix to Marketing Meltdown?

Is your marketing not generating enough leads? Are you not talking to enough prospects? Are visitors to your website bouncing away in an instant? Are you under pressure from your boss, my partner or yourself to increase revenue?

For many marketers the clock is ticking !
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Blogging Best Praxis Discussed

Emma Triplett from Old Town Hypnotherapy put out a request last week which was the prompt for this week’s episode of the podcast.

In the show, I discuss my resistance to talk about “best praxis anything”, instead outlining where I think we need to focus when using blogs as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

First and foremost, our emphasis has to be on selecting the strategies and tactics that will enable us to achieve the goals we set. This in itself will shape the very form of the content we create to market our business. Our target audience will then, in turn, shape the content. For example, if you’re trying to sell innovative, disruptive t-shirt designs to teens and twentysomethings you’re not going to rely heavily on long wordy blog posts but you might explore what you can do with Vine. Creating buyer personas, if you haven’t done so already, will certainly help you identify the kind of blog content that you can create to suit their needs: e.g. a list of essential resources your audience will find valuable. This in turn can be used to funnel visitors into suitable sales pages.
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Communication, Not Marketing, is at the Heart of Social Media

Annette Schwindt from Schwindt-PR is this week’s guest on Online Marketing & Communications.

Annette Schwindt

Annette Schwindt

I’ve known Annette, who is based in Bonn (Germany), for 7 years. We first connected when I translated Norwegian author Pål H. Christiansen’s Drømmer om storhet and she was doing some work for Pål.

We got talking and I suggested Annette investigate what she could do with a blog. She did and she has gone on to establish herself as a leading blogger and thought-leader on social media in Germany. Today she is a highly regarded digital communications consultant and her blog is one of the top ten German speaking social media blogs.

Visit Annette’s English page or check out her blog (in German).

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Be Buyer Centric

In episode 130 of Online Marketing & Communications I take a look at remembering to target potential buyers with different kinds of content marketing. People are at different points in the buying cycle when they come across your website, tweets, Facebook Page, podcast or videos.

Succeeding with content marketing doesn’t come from a moment of inspiration or sublime creativity; for the most part it comes from strategic planning and implementing a process designed to achieve maximum results. And that can mean really crafting content for tiny segments of your target audience.

Cookie-cutter content does not work. Without content created for the different stages of the buying cycle, it’s very unlikely you’ll implement a successful campaign. Identify where your potential buyers are in the purchase cycle. One message alone will not speak to everyone.

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Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign

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