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Mark Harai

Mark Harai

Mark Harai recently launched which he desribes as:

a community of business bloggers who have a mindset of creating epic content, building relationships & trust in the marketplace, and are monetizing their work by consistently serving up value to their customers.

I caught up with Mark to ask him about starting a community for business owners looking to start blogging amidst a community of other business bloggers.
networklogoAt present the service is just getting started so he’s looking for early adopters to jump in and get involved but, knowing Mark’s passion for social media, business and community, I know this is going to succeed.

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I think the exciting part of Mark’s project is the opportunity for newbies to try out business blogging in a supportive community. You can’t underestimate the value of support and the interchange of ideas. For established bloggers, there’s the opportunity to try something different away from your regular website.

I have a word of caution, though; it’s important to build you own marketing platform at your own website. No matter how dedicated and engaged community sites are, they can always disappear. BloggerBeat lets you take your content with you should you choose to leave (unlike Facebook !), but it’s worth bearing in mind.

If you get involved, do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Update: Do check out Mark’s own response to this interview. On his blog he clarifies some of the issues he touches on in the podcast. Great stuff, Mark !

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  • Mark Harai

    Jon, I really appreciate you doing this podcast, sir!

    It has already helped me get a better grasp on what I need to do and how I can improve my message.

    You were my first interview, so I’ll be much more prepared the next time around! : )

    Thanks again, Jon!

    • Jon Buscall

      Thanks for coming on the show Mark. It was good to talk. I hope it really helps.
      Very best wishes,

  • Soulati

    Let me also try to help with the message, Mark! Thanks for sharing my first post for Blogger Beat, too. I am remiss in posting more and I blame it on summer — it always kicks me ass with no time to engage!
    I signed on with Mark Harai’s Blogger Beat so I could join an expected group of business/professional bloggers writing consistently and bringing more traffic to everyone’s content.
    It was so cool to brand a new blog, especially as I have already been blogging 3.5 years. I was able to brand my Blogger Beat blog “Hybrid PR” which explains my professional offering very well.
    This is taking off ala the likes of other big blogging communities. And, I was able to set up my blog and the first post in about 10 minutes.
    Congrats, Mark, again for the launch of your community. I’m in for the long haul to help us all grow together!
    Woah…didn’t know had those launch issues, Mark! I knew it was kicking your butt, but had no idea the extent!
    Jon IS a tough questioner! I know, as I’ve had the honor of being in front of him 3 times!
    LOVE you guys! Jon, I hope you join in, too!

    • Jon Buscall

      Love this comment Jayme. I’ve been offline (in France) for a month but now I’m back in Sweden I’m raring to go. Your positivity is a credit to you, as ever. I know Mark and Co are going to succeed. I’m hoping to get involved too. Just need to decide how.