Do You Know Why Facebook and Twitter are Better Than SEO?

Do you know why Facebook and Twitter are better than SEO when it comes to getting more traffic for your business website?

They’re not!

Okay, I admit it was a bit of a trick question, but bear with me. The truth is that neither SEO nor social will get you targeted traffic that converts if you don’t focus on your audience.

When both are used correctly, however, I can guarantee you will find your customers and move them into your sales funnel.

Don’t believe me?

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Content Marketing Requires You Understand Your Customers

Before you start a new online content marketing initiative you need to be sure you understand your customers. The best way of getting to that point is to actually do some research on who they are and what they’re looking for.

customer researchThe bottom line is that effective online content marketing is dependent on you understanding your customers and prospects. That’s why regular research should be a central feature of your content marketing strategy – no matter the size of your organization.

Banish the Gut Feeling

Too many small businesses and especially those that have been going a year or two and actually surviving, tend to rely on their gut feeling when it comes to a new content marketing campaign. They’ve got a “feel” for their customers but no real hard data to weigh up when making important decisions.

If you feel yourself going down the “gut feeling” route, stop yourself and spend some time researching your customers. You want to make your decisions based on high quality research.

Small Business ? Try this approach

If you’ve not got a massive budget, I’d recommend you use a combination of your email list, social media followers and Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey or Zoomerang to gather your metrics.

After defining what you want to know, create a questionnaire using, say, the free Basic Plan at Survey Monkey. Google Docs is also another option for gathering simple data. Then promote it across your network of social media followers as well as your email list.
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Five Things to Do Now #2

Go on. Time to strike and do something different.

Go on. Time to strike and do something different.

How to Write Effectively for the Web

1) Look at your business card. Does it clearly show what you do?

2) Subscribe to The Future Buzz‘s RSS feed and learn more about online marketing.

3) Read 10 Practical Tips for Facebook Fan Pages.

4) Implement some of the changes mentioned in the article in 3).

5) Think seriously about pre-ordering Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s Trust Agents because it’s going to teach you a lot.


Five Things to Do Now #1

When was the last time you jumped off the edge ? Think differently about the way you communicate!

Go on. Jump off the edge. Try something new.

1. Get five of your smartest people in a room and put the following scenario to them. You have to improve the way you communicate with customers in the next three months. Ask them to work out how you could do it.

2. Bring a small team of your brightest people together. Ask them to compare the way you communicate with your customers compared to your biggest competitors. Then ask them to present what they learned.

3. Be creative. Remember how texting completely changed the way we communicate in recent years. What new ways that you haven’t imagined before could help you talk to employees, customers, each other?

4. Conduct a round-table discussion with your staff, discussing response times to customer queries. Remember customers want instant responses to their questions nowadays. How could your team cut 20% off response time and give better quality service?

5. Create a template in your email application that includes your regular salutation (greeting), close (Very best wishes) and signature.