Be Buyer Centric

In episode 130 of Online Marketing & Communications I take a look at remembering to target potential buyers with different kinds of content marketing. People are at different points in the buying cycle when they come across your website, tweets, Facebook Page, podcast or videos.

Succeeding with content marketing doesn’t come from a moment of inspiration or sublime creativity; for the most part it comes from strategic planning and implementing a process designed to achieve maximum results. And that can mean really crafting content for tiny segments of your target audience.

Cookie-cutter content does not work. Without content created for the different stages of the buying cycle, it’s very unlikely you’ll implement a successful campaign. Identify where your potential buyers are in the purchase cycle. One message alone will not speak to everyone.

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Do You Know Why Facebook and Twitter are Better Than SEO?

Do you know why Facebook and Twitter are better than SEO when it comes to getting more traffic for your business website?

They’re not!

Okay, I admit it was a bit of a trick question, but bear with me. The truth is that neither SEO nor social will get you targeted traffic that converts if you don’t focus on your audience.

When both are used correctly, however, I can guarantee you will find your customers and move them into your sales funnel.

Don’t believe me?

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How to Record a Skype Interview

woman on microphoneOne in every three customers over the last two years that Jontus Media add to their client roster confess to discovering the company through the podcast.

Podcasting need not be daunting. You can record an interview over Skype. Today we’ll discuss how.

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Content Marketing is a Commitment, not a Campaign

joe pulizzi podcast

Joe Pulizzi daring to do different

I read Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content Marketing recently. Or rather: I listened to it twice back-to-back having got it on Audible. With three basset hounds I get do a lot of walking and a lot of listening!

Epic Content Marketing is one of the most outstanding and informative books on content marketing to date. Full of tips, advice and darn right good marketing sense, I got so excited listening to it that I got in touch with Joe to try and get him on the show.

First and foremost I wanted to talk to Joe about some of the key ideas in Epic Content Marketing and in the show we discuss some of the strategies and tactics you need to know about when it comes to content marketing.

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My Best-Kept Secret to Make Your Business Irresistible Online

jj jmJon and I have been friends for five years now (thanks, Twitter!) but it’s only in the past six months I’ve gotten the “behind the scenes” view of how Jon approaches his business and his client work.

Recently I asked him, “How do you do it? How have you made your business so irresistible online?”

His answer was so good I knew I had to share it with you. Here’s the conversation we had.

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How to Increase Conversion Rates & ROI with Split Testing

landing page conversions detective

Do the following statements apply to you?

  • You’ve invested in developing an ebook but no one is downloading or buying
  • You’ve invested in developing a newsletter but no one is signing up
  • Your visitors arrive at your home page, and bounce right off
  • You’re not getting approached by targets / leads when you offer free consultations

Is the ROI on your website practically zero?

I think it’s safe to say you didn’t invest in a website, ebook, and newsletter only to have nobody care. You built it, now it’s time to get them there.
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The 4 Best Digital Marketing Platforms for a Consulting Business

It’s easy to drown in the different forms of digital marketing out there if you’re running a consulting business. Because time is precious, particularly if you work as a consult, juggling every aspect of your business, you need to focus on doing what’s imperative – not just helpful.

To help keep things simple but effective, here are the content marketing platforms I think you need to include in 2013 as part of your strategic online marketing plan.

1. Blog.

Do not ignore the power of a blog. They help get you found in Google and other search engines, generate leads and give prospects an insight to your core skills. What’s more, a blog is full of personality. If you write in a tone of voice that reflects just who you are instead of “corporate speak” you’ll show customers a personal side of who you are. This is important because we do business with people, not businesses.

Get a blog right and it will bring new customers to your door. If you’re thinking of starting a business blog or have let yours go on hiatus too long, check out this post on what makes a great business blog.
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The Most Important Marketing Tip for Your Consultancy Business

email-marketingNo, it’s not blogging. And it’s not Twitter. And it’s definitely not Facebook.

The big secret to really getting results as a consultant is so old school that a lot of newbie consultants don’t realise it’s still new school.

So what is it?

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What I’ve Learned from Podcasting

I released Launch a Podcast this week – a 120-page ebook and video training for would-be business podcasters.

I’ve learned first hand over the last 18 months just how important podcasting is to my own business and wanted to give others an easier route into this form of content marketing.

As well as all the geeky audio stuff, Launch a Podcast covers plenty of marketing strategy and will give you a clear insight into what you need to know about:

  • targeting your audience
  • researching your show
  • planning every step of your podcast
  • and ensuring you hit your target market.

The book itself is written for those of you with super short attention spans and is meant to be munched through in an hour, but digested a little more slowly.

A clip from the Launch a Podcast ebook / training tutorials

The four videos walk you through some of the tech stuff and will give you the confidence to produce something pretty darn awesome. Preferably about basset hounds.

The 10 Second Version

If you don’t want to read yet another ebook or spend $15.99 (or $26.99 after March 31, 2012), here’s the key sixteen things you would learn about in quite a lot of detail (and more !). [Read more…]

22 Steps to Create and Publish an Ebook

Are you thinking of creating a digital training product for your audience like an ebook ?

Here are twenty-two steps you can go through to get past the finishing line.

1.) Decide what you want to say.
2.) Define your target audience.
3.) Make sure what you want to say fits your target audience.
4.) Outline your ideas in Curio (if you have a Mac)
5.) Organize your ideas and write a more detailed outline in Curio.
6.) Gather lots of research to support what you want to say.
7.) Make sure you’ve got lots of examples to illustrate your key information.
8.) Write a draft in Curio (or some other writing app like Scrivener, which is also good for outlining and works on Windows or Mac)
9.) Rewrite the draft before you even start thinking about design.
10.) Decide whether your ebook will be landscape or portrait.
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