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Hey, the podcast is back after a few week’s summer hiatus. Yes, I’ve been over to Japan and didn’t quite manage to get a show out. But enough of that !!! Now we’re back.

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Online Marketing Tools to Help Your Business

Lead Social

It’s really hard not to be overwhelmed by the myriad social media tools available in 2014. Almost on a weekly basis I discover something new to try. Like a magpie, I can’t help but collect bright, shiny new things. So I am always looking for the perfect solution to help with online marketing and happily trial new products.

In this week’s show I talk through some of the services I’ve recently been trying and share my thoughts and recommendations on how you could use them as part of your marketing mix.

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Content Marketing is a Commitment, not a Campaign

joe pulizzi podcast

Joe Pulizzi daring to do different

I read Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content Marketing recently. Or rather: I listened to it twice back-to-back having got it on Audible. With three basset hounds I get do a lot of walking and a lot of listening!

Epic Content Marketing is one of the most outstanding and informative books on content marketing to date. Full of tips, advice and darn right good marketing sense, I got so excited listening to it that I got in touch with Joe to try and get him on the show.

First and foremost I wanted to talk to Joe about some of the key ideas in Epic Content Marketing and in the show we discuss some of the strategies and tactics you need to know about when it comes to content marketing.

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9 Blog Posts You Should Be Writing

You need to be answering the questions and issues your target audience go online to find the answer to on your blog. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to add a different flavour to the mix. Other kinds of posts can really bring traffic, build better relationships and get you noticed.

In this week’s episode of the Online Marketing & Communications Podcast, I talk through some of my favourite blog post types.

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Let’s Talk About Branding – with Izabela Russell

Izabela russell

Izabela Russell, Music Radio Creative

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Time and again we work on projects where customers come to the table without having really understood:

  • what is branding
  • how branding works
  • why branding is so significant
  • and how to discuss branding.

To get the conversation going, I invited the wonderful Izabela Russell, one half of Music Radio Creative, to come on the show to talk about branding.
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5 Things to Learn About Your Target Audience

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This week’s show is all about reaching your audience and the kind of strategies we can use to improve the way we communicate.

So many of us that work with content marketing lose sight of who our target audience is and what makes them unique. We also struggle to find ways to communicate effectively with them. Sometimes I think you need to step back and just go through the simple things.

In the show I look at some of the things I personally find useful. For example, we can do research online to track down not just the problems our target audience go online to solve, but also the kind of language they use to talk about them. The product reviews on Amazon are a great insight into different segments. For example, if you’re selling products that someone like Amazon sells you should definitely be trying to learn as much as possible from your target audience and what they reveal about themselves on the site.

My favourite anecdote from the show though has to be a client of ours who we recently persuaded to try Olark – the chat service that we use on this site. Through Olark they were able to talk directly with visitors to their site and remove some of the friction that was deterring people from purchasing.

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How to Develop a Successful Marketing Plan

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No matter what stage you are at in your business, it is imperative you have a marketing plan.

In this week’s show I talk through a sample model that I use in my own business and with clients.

The purpose of this marketing plan model is to identify where your business is, who your competitors are, what marketing you’ve been doing (or will be doing) and provide the benchmarks and goals against which you will assess the performance of you marketing annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. This steering document will drive your content creation and make sure that every stage of your marketing is covered.

The show is about ten minutes longer than my usual solo shows but I wanted to cover each section quite carefully rather than rushing through in my usual 20 minutes or so.

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Snip.ly Adds Custom Call-To-Actions to Your Links

Michael Cheng, founder of Snip.ly, a new breed of link shortener that works to drive conversion, joins the show this week.

michael chengTalking over Skype all the way from Canada, Michael explains how Snip.ly’s unique approach to link shortening gives you ad space on any website. For free.

The way it works is that just like any other link shortener, Snip.ly creates links that direct to the original page; however, what makes it different is that it allows you to add a custom message that appears at the bottom of the page when you get there.

Michael and I talk through some of the strategies and tactics you can employ to get the most out of Snip.ly.

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10 Easy Ways to Measure the ROI of Your Digital Marketing

If you’re struggling how to work out the return on investment when it comes to your marketing efforts, this week’s show is for you.

I talk through ten key performance indicators that you might want to consider measuring.

Although there are many metrics you can measure, it can be extremely daunting figuring out whether the things you’re doing are actually working. This doesn’t just hold for small businesses; I’ve seen big organizations struggling to figure out how to measure the success of their digital marketing efforts.

As far as I’m concerned, a good place to start are the ten metrics outlined in this show. Sure, they’re not perfect. But they’ll give you an insight into what’s working and what’s not as well as encouraging you to tweak where necessary.

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Dave Jackson on The Value of Podcasting

Dave Jackson school of podcasting

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson, who runs The School of Podcasting, is the guest on this week’s podcast as I figured there wasn’t a better podcast coach out there to talk about the business of podcasting.

Dave, whose how-to podcast oozes enthusiasm, inspiration, encouragement and advice, was one of the ways I learned how to podcast so I was excited to have him on the show. As he has just put out his 400th episode of the show, I figured who better to ask to come on the show to talk about one of my favorite marketing channels than Dave.

In the show we don’t geek out on the benefits of this mixer over that mixer, why Libsyn is the best media host or why you should forget about buying a Heil PR40 ; instead, we talk through some of the mental shackles would-be business podcasters might be grappling with. What’s more, we also explore the ROI of podcasting, the best way to get started and how to persuade your boss that podcasting is worth the effort.

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