Mark Schaefer and the Future of Blogging

The indefatigable Mark Schaefer

As a follow up to episode 67 of the show, I get together this week (finally !) with Mark Schaefer to get his take on the blog post he wrote back in July: Is There Anything New in Blogging? No.

As Jayme and I talked about in episode 67, Mark’s post was both provocative and an essential contribution to the discussion of the tools we use to grow our businesses in the digital economy.

For Mark’s take on the future of blogging and social media…

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Update 2012-10-18: My Take on Blogging in 2012

I really enjoyed recording this podcast with Mark Schaefer because it gave me an opportunity to rethink and think through what blogging now means for people entering the space in late 2012. It’s really important to not be deterred by the mass of bloggers out there. Your niche may have openings. What’s more, bloggers come and go and a sustained business blog strategy can generate more traffic for your site, better placing in Google’s search results, and ultimately more exposure. What’s more, a blog can give you a strong sense of personality online. Just as much as twitter and Facebook because it’s a platform for providing a whole host of content: blogs, video, audio, and so on.

Where blogging falls down, perhaps, is in terms of on the mobile platform. Mark Schaefer and I touch on this in the podcast and although responsive design is going someway to make blogging more accessible, the fact that our attention span on smart phones is so small means that we perhaps prefer soundbites of information. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are thus suited to smartphone communication whereas blogging is perhaps too wordy, too intense and simply too difficult to consume on the move.

No matter what, I think there’s still room for businesses to join the blogosphere and see a positive impact on their digital marketing.

Why not let me know your thoughts ?

  • Billy Delaney

    Good team to support, I am from Belfast. The days of winning cups are over me thinks. It’s all about money and foreign players, who are here for the money. I’d love to see an English team field an English squad like Liverpool used to do fo the most part. Oh! I liked the connection with Mark too.

  • Billy Delaney

    I have just took a shufti around your site and I do say you have a clean presentation of things. I like that.
    Considering podcasting, a lot! so might check out your book. question. What do you know of the podcast answerman? Heard of him?

    • Jon Buscall

      Sure. I know of Cliff. He’s a great podcaster and makes lots of resources available. I have a slightly different take on things to Cliff but like him I’m a believer that audio quality is essential for a great business podcast.

      • Billy Delaney

        Thanks. been checking out podcasters. Every heard of Dave Jackson: School of Podcasting?
        I am getting keen on learning about this fascinating medium. Really like your podcast too!

  • Dr. Rae

    Wow, what a great informative podcast Jon, and Mark! Looking forward to the future of blogging being realized. Thank you for sharing your views to consider…

    • Jon Buscall

      Hi Rae,
      Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it !

      Very best wishes,

  • Josh

    Well done gentlemen. Really enjoyed this.

    • Jon Buscall

      Josh, thanks so much. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Making shows behind a bank of mics and Macs is a kind of weird process. You don’t think of where people will listen to what you do. So thanks ! I love to hear that people listen and enjoy the show.

      • Josh


        You have several things that work in your favor. Good topics, good guests, good questions and a very pleasant voice to listen to.

        • Jon Buscall

          Thanks Josh! You made my day :=)

  • Dino Dogan

    Great chat with one of my fav bloggers. And great accent, Jon :-)

    I’ve visited Stockholm. Awesome city. When I was there I saw the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • Jon Buscall

      Hey Dino. Thanks for stopping by.
      What was that most amazing thing ?
      Now I’m curious.

      • Dino Dogan

        You’ll have to have me on your podcast to find out ;-)

        • Jon Buscall

          You’re on ! I’ve got four episodes lined up but I’d love to have you on the show. I’ll chase you down next month if you’re up for it.

  • Jayme Soulati

    Love this interview…Mark is such an important “fixture?” LOL in the social media sector. You can get lost together waxing on what’s next, new, coming up and staying the same…as you’ve done. Thanks for acknowledging me in this! Thanks to Mark for being so open minded listening to our podcast, Jon!

  • Jayme Soulati

    Jon? This interview is astonishing. I’m thinking you need to capture it in writing or write an article on this. You guys are crossing so many topics and mostly having a visionary like Mark, it provides you an opportunity to push the conversation…what do you think? This is huge content.

    • Jon Buscall

      Oh, thank you so much Jayme. That is incredibly generous of you. It was an awesome discussion and one that I hope Mark and I can share again sometime soon.

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