Marketing Tips for SMBs With No Time to Market

clockSmall business owners often tell me that that they struggle to find resources to put into content marketing.

Developing and maintaining a blog, podcast, video-cast, ebooks and so on is time-consuming and ultimately expensive as it takes time to generate results. Even if SMBs recognize the value of content marketing, they very often don’t know how to find the time to do it.

That’s why we shouldn’t forget the power and value of micro-content marketing. It’s not just ebooks, blogs and podcasts that provide potential customers value; photographs, tweets, mini-video clips posted on Instagram or Vine can all deliver value.

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The Golden Rule

If you’re setting out to put time, energy and money into micro-marketing it’s essential that you remain tightly focused on your target audience. The messages that you put out should address their unique needs and questions; your communications should provide what both you and they will regard as “value”. A crass example of that would be like putting a tweet out saying “Here’s how you open the widget” and include a link to a micro-video. You would be serving the need of someone struggling to open the widget that they just purchased although the fact that it was hard to open in the first place should perhaps have been taken care of by your design team!

Make Time Micro-Kid

One of the most stressful things with running any kind of content marketing campaign is finding the time to create the content. With micro-content marketing set time aside so you can create batch content. You’ll find that it’s easier to work “in the zone”, creating material that is on target for your audience. With Twitter, tools like Hootsuite will help because you can schedule when tweets will go out. Be careful, though, when scheduling micro-content because you’ll need to see if your audience are engaging with you. There’s nothing worse than finding something interesting on Twitter, replying and then never hearing anything back.

No matter what, I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with specific goals in mind with any marketing campaign, micro or not, and that you put metrics in place to measure whether or not you are meeting the goals you set.

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  • Lisa Buben

    Jon, so true. It’s a tough balance between creating content, sharing it and engaging with others across a few social platforms. Staying focused is key and not so always easy :)

    • Jon Buscall

      Definitely Lisa! Thank you. What’s your approach for staying foucused.
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  • Zach The Marketing Coach

    Great article, focusing on your target audience will probably give you benefits in the long run. It might be not easy, but worth it,