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That JontusMedia feeling. Photoshoot for #gooination

That JontusMedia feeling. Photoshoot for #gooination

This week I’ve held Skype calls with customers in the US, emailed a client in South America several times, done a website walkthrough on GoToMeeting with a client here in Stockholm, Sweden and that’s just the start of it.

I’ve talked everyday with Juanjo, who is in the design studio in Barcelona, Skyped and exchanged mails and Asana ToDos with Sebastian – the latest member of the team – in Osaka, Japan, project managed photo shoots in London, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and arranged for an intern to come and work with us in Stockholm.

We’ve also helped another client in the US, collaborated with the every wonderful Jenn on the great work she’s doing for two other clients, and put some notes towards a blog post as well. I also don’t want to forget all the conversations I’ve had with our London partner, Bernie, who has been doing a stella job running photo shoots for us with Georgia over in the UK.

Did I mention that I walked the woofs twice every day ?

Photo shoot London - (Thanks Bernie & Georgia)

Photo shoot London – (Thanks Bernie & Georgia)

The Digital Economy

My vision for JontusMedia wasn’t this when I started. But I have to say I’m enjoying the ride digital technology is giving us.

The ability to work and communicate over the Net and run a digital marketing agency from just about any location the team chooses is amazing.

Brilliant! - Thanks Sebastian  & John

Brilliant! – Thanks Sebastian & John

So to celebrate that, here are some of my favourite shots from a campaign we’re doing as part of the launch of Mygooi and Gooibiz.

Special thanks to Bernie, Georgia, Sebastian, John, Leifur, Tommy, Elina and Kathryn. You guys help Juanjo and I push this baby forward !

  • Davina K. Brewer

    Read your similar post over on LinkedIn. Be curious to see how that helps you, publishing there as well.

    There’s shift work and field work and there’s office work. Businesses and brands need to take a closer look at all of it to find the right mix, the right flow, the optimal benefits — to them and their employees. It’s about the job – matching the right job w/ the right employee. Folks on the front line can’t telework, get their job done via email; they have to be there on site. So make other considerations for them, provide the resources, perks, maybe schedule breaks in ways that suit them. If someone works on the road all the time, their perks and benefits may be staying at home.

    I’ve always maintained that almost any job that’s 85% done 1) at a desk 2) at a computer 3) primarily via email, phone, Internet can/may be done anywhere, at any time by 4) the kind of employee that works well on their own in a virtual office. As you say, the meetings can be virtual – and b/c of that, more productive. The employees can schedule their own workflows – cutting down on the water cooler chat, the commutes, the ‘where will we have lunch’ debates – and b/c of that, be more productive. I almost always do my cleaning, laundry, errands on a ‘work’ day. With an early start in the morning, spreading it all out in between projects and emails it’s all done – and then on an ‘play’ day, I’ve got that time back for myself – and more refreshed when it’s time to get back to work. Win win. FWIW.

    • Jon Buscall

      Hey Davina, thanks for the awesome comment. The kind of work I’m talking about is very much suited to a particular type of person / team. You do have to be able to find a viable structure to the day that enables productivity. Some folks won’t be able to handle the freedom.

      The thing I like about digital marketing 2014 is that the technology is enabling us to easily work in small, fast units in multiple locations. There are always going to be downsides, of course, but right now the benefits outweigh that both for the team and customer.

      As for the post at LinkedIn, I’m curious to see how the new publishing platform they’re rolling out will impact networks like Facebook and Google+ for business users. I can see LinkedIn is now playing for the “thought leadership” space within its own network.