Online Communications Consulting

If you’re not getting the right message across to the people that matter – whether it’s customers, potential clients or colleagues – you might want to take a look at the way you’re communicating.

Communication is a massive part of daily business, but what with the rapid pace at which things are changing online, you might be missing the opportunity to communicate effectively with the people that matter if you aren’t making the most out of the tools that are available online.


I’m a massive believer in the value business blogs can bring to your strategic communications.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed firsthand how they can:

  • generate regular traffic to your website
  • improve how you perform in Google search results because they’re pretty much SEO-friendly – straight out of the box
  • help show customers who you and what you do
  • give you a channel that’s easily helps you publish and promote text, video and pictures
  • enable you to communicate directly with customers through comments
  • make crisis management easier

If you’re looking to find out more about business blogging as a communications strategy, please download my free ebook.

Also, check out my 10 Essential Posts for Business Bloggers or Six Must Haves for Business Bloggers

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Micro-blogging channels like Twitter are important to your strategic communications because it’s so immediate.

By following the steam of posts on Twitter you can:

  • respond to customer queries
  • pinpoint emerging trends
  • breaking news
  • direct people to other significant online content
  • drive people to web campaigns
  • build trust and value

Your presence on Twitter is important because as a channel it’s very easy to monitor what people are saying about your brand, look for conversations to engage in, and develop online contacts.

Although it might look like noise at first glance, you can use Twitter to really benefit your customers. For example, just this week I had a problem with my Twingly channel. The team at Twingly responded to my problem more quickly after I tweeted them than when I left a response on their official feedback site.

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Other online communications channels to check out

It’s not just business blogging and micro-blogging that matters online; newsletters, Facebook Fan Pages, Squeeze pages, forums, and other social media channels can all help you improve the way you do business online.

If you’re not getting the most out of online communication channels, maybe it’s time to think more strategically about the tools you are using, and how they can improve the way you work online.

  • Jody Pirrello

    Agreed about the value of business blogging, and that it’s a long tail strategy that requires much commitment, dedication and follow through. I think a lot of business bloggers don’t set out to interact with commenters but instead think of it as a publishing medium. Without that touchpoint they can’t grow their audience.

    Re: SEO benefits – did you see this study from last month that shows businesses with active blogs (at least 5 posts/week) got almost 7 times the organic traffic of web sites without a blog? I’m gathering materials to make a case with a client for more active blogging and thought this was a good find.

  • Jon

    Hi Jody, I think you’re spot on with your point about comments. It’s imperative business bloggers value this channel. It might also be why some find Twitter more suited as it’s more conversational.

    Re:SEO – what a great link! Thank you for sharing that one. It doesn’t surprise me really, but it’s so good to have it confirmed.

  • Jody Pirrello

    @Jon – Good point about twitter. It’s definitely easier to keep up with mentions when you don’t have to publish 600-1,000 words at a time, right?

    re:SEO – I’m a stats junkie so I love when I come across something that firms up what I’m feeling. Glad you liked the link!

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