Please Do Me a Massive Favour

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Drowning in work and puppies, I need your help here. Please! My head’s not on straight. What do you think of this initial sketch for the new version of Jontus

The idea is that the front page will be more corporate with clearer call-to-actions targeting clients with the blog shifting to its own page. We want to generate more of the kind of business we like doing: content creation, online communications strategy and strategic implementation.

I’ve got my favourite design duo working on the site but haven’t had a second to breathe and give feedback yet (sorry guys!)

Something’s not right here but I can’t put my finger on it yet. So please help me out if you’re a regular reader. Let me know what you think. Is this the right direction the site design should go in for the front page? Comments or emails to jontusmedia at gmail dot com would be gratefully received.

Note to self: Needs to be able to handle a YouTube embed.

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  • Gini Dietrich

    I like it! Some of the copy is kind of off, but I like the design. I’m on a plane and have to shut off my iPad so more in a bit.

    • Jon Buscall

      Thanks Gini. The text’s not mine. Just done by the designer. rnBut don’t you think it needs a navigation bar ? rnrnAnd what about text? I find it hard to orientate myself. rnrnI also would like to put a video in now and then. rnrnThanks for your feedback

  • Anonymous

    I actually like that preview. When it comes to appearance and design, the colors are great. The front feels more “alive” and creative. Very good work indeed! Things are very clear also and there’s a more modern vibe around the page in my opinion.nnRegarding the calls-to-actions targeting, will it act as a guide to lead readers to your blog? Are there perhaps other plans for where the blog will be @ “Jontusmedia anno 2011″ ?nnKeep up, and thanks for that link with the puppies. Great fun to take a look at the puppies that you’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts!

    • Jon Buscall

      Thanks for the feedback ! rnrnI need to ensure there is a clearer drive to the blog otherwise it will go missing. Then again, most blog traffic comes into specific pages through organic search (i.e. Google).

  • Richard Bosworth

    Know what you mean Jon been there and wrestled with the same issues. rnrnAbout the page, letu2019s cut to the chase; your message is lost in the visuals. rnrnWhat if you were to be up front about your objective: u201cWe want more of the kind of business we like doing: content creation, online communications strategy and strategic implementationu201d? rnrnWhat if you made a play of inviting me to spend time exploring your site and discover the great things you and your team can do for me and the cutting edge ideas and fresh inspiration you will bring to my communications?rnrnWhat if you built video into the page u2013 The video blog you did, way back when, promoting the conference you were speaking at just blew me away and in thirty seconds demonstrated by how much you had raised the barrnrnWhat if you were up front about your Competitive Advantages? rnrnHope these questions help you to get closer to where you sense you should be. rnrnRichard rn

    • Jon Buscall

      Richard, rnI found these comments invaluable as I drafted my response to the designer and now I’m excited to see how he responds. As I said previously in the comments, I’m looking for personality, trust and of course the key value proposition to stand out here. rnrnMany thanks for taking the time to give such cogent feedback.

  • Debra Bethard-Caplick

    Hi Jon, my automatic reaction was confusion – the page is so busy, I had go back to the tagline to figure out what kind of company this is, and even then, I’m not sure someone outside this field would know. There’s too many competing messages – verbal and visual. Any one could be the theme of a site by itself. Hope this helps.

    • Jon Buscall

      @Debra, rnI agree and I’ve tried to sketch my own response for the designer along these lines. I want it to be painfully clear that this is a creative content agency as that’s the most exciting part of the work we do. rnrnYour response really helped me get my thinking straight.

  • Anonymous

    I think a paragraph or two would help, maybe leave some graphical content out in favor of a succinct message about who you are and what you do (I know it’s sort of there now, but it’s harder to get it in chunks). Most people also look for navigation information (Home, About, Contact, etc) at the top of the page whereas it is at the bottom in this case. nnJust my $0.02, good luck with the site!

    • Jon Buscall

      @hackmanj, rnrn rnrnrnI’ve set out to incorporate this in my notes to the designer. From an SEO point of view it’s important. I also really want a nav bar. It’s essential for users to orientate themselves. rnrnAgain, thanks for commenting.

  • Marena Fritzler

    Aside from limited size differentiation between topic boxes (engine, social, touch), there seems to be no clear hierarchy which I believe relates directly to the lack of clear navigation for users. Either include navigational tabs at the top or visually create graphical images of information and typography that guide the user to your message by way of visual size.nnLike hackmanj said I also feel a paragraph or a couple lines of information would help the user understand your web presence and purpose for existing. Otherwise I think at a quick glance, it’s difficult to grasp the purpose of your site from just the visuals alone. This bit of added content would help ground your message to users and also help split up the page a bit. It can help those topic boxes become a point of interest rather than just another box on a page of boxes.nnHope these suggestions help during your busy days. Good luck.nn n

    • Jon Buscall

      Hi Marena, rnThanks so much for your comments. I agree entirely. I’ve just been sketching out my own response in Photoshop and one of the first things I included was a navigation, as well as space for text that works as a call to action and branding, clarifying to the user exactly what the key value proposition is here. rnrnI truly appreciate you taking the time to help me.