SEO, Promotion & Content Overload

content marketingGetting your content marketing seen online is getting harder. No doubt about it. I heard this week that the equivalent of everything that was ever published between the earliest publications and 2008 is published every 48 hours nowadays. Scary!

In Episode #114 I look at some of the changes that have taken place to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content creation and how important it is to work on the distribution of the content you are producing.

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It’s Getting Noisy Out There

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How to Market a School

School brochure for the Chinese marketIn an increasingly competitive market it’s essential to market a school strategically to ensure a solid return on investment (ROI).

I regularly talk to principals and school boards who simply don’t understand how to:

  • get a positive message out to the community
  • communicate effectively online
  • reduce marketing budgets whilst increasing ROI
  • compete for pupils and highly qualified staff with other schools

How Do Parents & Pupils Find a School?

Traditionally it was enough to trust a school’s reputation and word of mouth to bring parents and pupils in to the school. It still, of course, counts a lot these days, as will excellent teaching, outstanding grades, and student care help build your brand.

But nowadays word of mouth has moved online; a lot of parents who are the key decision makers when it comes to the choice of schools are on Facebook. Social media discussions have become one of the biggest ways in which we connect with people we trust. As a result additional traditional marketing activities like sprinkling adverts in the local and or national press in key competitive marketings like the boarding school sector or private sector just aren’t enough.
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The Secret to Great Content Marketing

Rachel Parker, Owner and Chief Geek of Resonance Content Marketing, joins the show to talk content marketing.

rachel parker resonance content marketing

Rachel Parker

Content marketing can loosely be defined as creating and publishing content in order to acquire customers.

Rachel and I discuss the variety of forms we as business owners can use to market our services online including newsletters, video, ebooks, infographics,how-to’s, Q&A’s, photos, etc.

If you’re new to content marketing and aren’t sure how to get started then this is the show for you as Rachel outlines her own strategic approach and talks in depth about the benefits of email newsletters and the positive affect this has had on her business.

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The 4 Best Digital Marketing Platforms for a Consulting Business

It’s easy to drown in the different forms of digital marketing out there if you’re running a consulting business. Because time is precious, particularly if you work as a consult, juggling every aspect of your business, you need to focus on doing what’s imperative – not just helpful.

To help keep things simple but effective, here are the content marketing platforms I think you need to include in 2013 as part of your strategic online marketing plan.

1. Blog.

Do not ignore the power of a blog. They help get you found in Google and other search engines, generate leads and give prospects an insight to your core skills. What’s more, a blog is full of personality. If you write in a tone of voice that reflects just who you are instead of “corporate speak” you’ll show customers a personal side of who you are. This is important because we do business with people, not businesses.

Get a blog right and it will bring new customers to your door. If you’re thinking of starting a business blog or have let yours go on hiatus too long, check out this post on what makes a great business blog.
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Punk Marketing for Businesses

I‘m sick of vanilla content marketing. Everyone’s business blog feels the same, we’re tweeting the same, and we’ve lost sight of our creativity.

With the second anniversary of punk legend Malcolm McLaren’s death coming up in just over a week, it’s time to think what a punk could teach us about making our digital content marketing stand out, win us new business and take things to the next level.

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How to Make Your Blog Stand Out?

If you’ve drunk the online marketing kool-aid and started a blog to build your online presence for your business but not got the results you’ve been expecting, it might be time to really think about how you can really make your blog stand out.

I’m not talking about some wacky blog design or garish use of colors; I’m talking about outstanding content that’s tailored to your particular target audience.

Escape the Dross

Our lives are busy and when we go online to find a solution to an issue that’s bugging us, a service we need or advice, we don’t want to wade through dross. We want a quality answer, advice or help. There’s so much information out there it’s almost impossible to filter everything out.

Think of your blog as a filter; a filter that gives your target audience exactly what they’re looking for.
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Will Inbound Marketing Save You Money?

If you aren’t sure about the value of online marketing (sometimes referred to as inbound marketing) you definitely need to check out the latest HubSpot study: The State of Inbound Marketing 2012.

It’s definitely worth reading even if you’re unsure about the value of online marketing to a small business like yours.

The report is based on a survey conducted in January 2012 of 972 marketing professionals. The study includes data and insights about marketers’ costs, budgets, lead quality, and priorities.

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The Benefit of a Rich Marketing Strategy

Did you get some exclusive Belgian Chocolates for Valentine’s Day this year ? Or maybe you gave some away to your favourite squeeze.

Quality belgian chocolates are one of those luxuries we like to give each other to mark special occasions and show our appreciation for those around us.

Many of us love the rich, dark sensory pleasures of chocolate.

How Rich is Your Content?

When it comes to content marketing you need to give your clients content that is as rich and exclusive as those handmade chocolates.

You need to develop and publish the kind of content that makes visitors to your site, your YouTube channel, you podcast, etc, squeal with delight.

In short, your content marketing should be yummy!

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Everyone in Your Organization is Your Social Voice

Getting staff outside the communications department to participate in your content marketing can really help you show the very heart of your company.

One of the projects I’ve been involved with over the last couple of years is helping Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet’s students get involved in marketing their school.

The students over the last couple of years have, with a bit of guidance from me, got thousands of views on YouTube and helped promote the school to 9th graders looking for an internationally-minded academic senior high school. I’ve been so impressed.

Working with these talented students has been an absolute joy, not only because it’s great seeing young people learn new skills, but also because of the creative energy they have and the insight they have into social media.

Following up on a post from last month, I wanted to give one of the groups a chance to share their voice with readers of this blog, and give a bit of insight to their thinking.

So here’s what Isabell Ahron, Olof Unge, Lovisa Petersson, Vuong Truong and Edward Krook had to say when I asked them some questions: [Read more...]

Strategic Content Marketing

Are you spending an inordinate amount of time marketing your business online but not seeing the results you want?

Maybe you’ve jumped onboard the blogging bandwagon and are producing stacks of content but not generating leads or driving visitors to your site into your sales funnel ?

Episode 42 of Online Marketing & Communications looks at actionable strategy you can follow to get the kind of results you’re after by following a more targeted approach to the content you produce.

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