The iPad Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

With the launch of the iPad on March 12, 2010 Apple started a new era in online content marketing.

Ever since the iPhone appeared Steve Jobs and Co have been getting you used to the idea of reading on a digital device, of having access to the Net in the palm of your hand, of reading online newspapers and magazines in the browser and books via Kindle iPhone app. Just ask the 33.75 million who’ve bought them.


A game-changer for digital marketing?

When Apple ships the first generation iPad on April 3, that reading experience is going to get a whole lot more slicker. Marketing strategy folks around the world will no doubt sit up and pay attention.
As more people adopt the iPad, and Apple competitors come out with cheaper clones, we’re likely to see a massive growth in the number of people reading digital content in the palm of their hand.

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What the iPad Means to Marketers

With more and more people reading on digital devices like tablets –and this will come given our increasing preference for (mobile) digital over print– there’s a wonderful opportunity for your business to provide customers and prospects with a variety of excellent digital content.

Blogs and websites are great to read on a computer and we’re pretty happy to do so. And I’m sure they’ll be just as popular on tablet PCs like the iPad. But I think ebooks will boom in popularity.

For starters, the landscape delivery of well-designed ebooks (Joseph Jaffe’s latest offering The Customer Service Manifesto is simply gorgeous) makes for a better reading experience. I expect that to improve even more when the iPad lands.

Then there’s the launch of the iBook Store. This will probably do for text what iTunes have done for digital music. Imagine if you can get the latest copy of your favourite magazine from the iBook Store. No more queuing in the newsagents. No more paper to recycle. That’s a whole market waiting to explode onto tablet screens in homes all around the world.

Ebooks and Digital Marketing Strategy

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Content Marketing Tips: Don't Forget the Ebook

How’s your content marketing strategy going?

Now that the fanfare about the iPad has died down you might want to think again about working on an e-book. I’m sure interest in e-books will increase once again when the iPad starts shipping.

content marketing blogging ebook

Time to update my ebook, I think!

I’m personally already a big fan of ebooks: I read a lot of them as a way of keeping up-to-date with new and emerging information. Just in the last week or so I’ve enjoyed e-books on WordPress SEO secrets, Web 2.0 marketing, Content Marketing, blogging, as well as working out at the gym. Each book was an indication of the skills and expertise of its creator and did a lot to persuade me of their worth. I’m now following several more authors blogs and twitter accounts as a result.

I’m convinced a quality ebook should be part of your content marketing strategy and will really benefit your business.

Here’s four reasons why I think e-books should be an integral part of your business’s content marketing:

E-books can show your strengths

It’s hard to cover a lot of ground in a single blog post. With the extra space an e-book allows, you can compellingly and visually establish thought leadership with an e-book and connect with potential. Sure, a quality e-book may well cost time and effort to produce but they’re a great way of showing what you know. One of my recent favourites was a presentation that was ported to Slideshare and worked as an excellent ebook discussion of whether corporate blogging is dying.
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