Google Wave & B2B Marketing

google_wave_logoWe were really excited at Jontus Media when we first heard about Google Wave. That video on YouTube blew us away and we imagined Google would be taking online communications to the next level, making it easier to collaborate over the web.

We got our invites really early on and gave it a whirl, trying it first out as a collaborative note-taking space at a Stockholm conference.

But as we tried to get our heads around it, it quickly became apparent that the product itself just wasn’t what we were looking for. After looking at other options we settled on Basecamp, which makes working as a virtual agency a blast, and haven’t looked back.

Google Wave – A Marketing Lesson

As you might have heard, Google put the final nail in the Wave coffin announcing that it was killing it earlier this week. I must admit it came as a bit of a surprise given the resources that had been put into building the Wave brand.

It was supposed to radically change the way we communicate online: Email 2.0 for millennials and other interested parties.

But after all the publicity, the hype and the interest generated around the product – people were paying for beta invites on Ebay, for goodness sake!– Google didn’t follow through.

Development seemed to stall despite the release of a few Wave templates; and it didn’t play nicely with Google Docs.

And then Google really shot themselves in the foot by releasing another highly promoted online communications tool: Google Buz.
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