How to Develop a Successful Marketing Plan

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No matter what stage you are at in your business, it is imperative you have a marketing plan.

In this week’s show I talk through a sample model that I use in my own business and with clients.

The purpose of this marketing plan model is to identify where your business is, who your competitors are, what marketing you’ve been doing (or will be doing) and provide the benchmarks and goals against which you will assess the performance of you marketing annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. This steering document will drive your content creation and make sure that every stage of your marketing is covered.

The show is about ten minutes longer than my usual solo shows but I wanted to cover each section quite carefully rather than rushing through in my usual 20 minutes or so.

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The 4 Best Digital Marketing Platforms for a Consulting Business

It’s easy to drown in the different forms of digital marketing out there if you’re running a consulting business. Because time is precious, particularly if you work as a consult, juggling every aspect of your business, you need to focus on doing what’s imperative – not just helpful.

To help keep things simple but effective, here are the content marketing platforms I think you need to include in 2013 as part of your strategic online marketing plan.

1. Blog.

Do not ignore the power of a blog. They help get you found in Google and other search engines, generate leads and give prospects an insight to your core skills. What’s more, a blog is full of personality. If you write in a tone of voice that reflects just who you are instead of “corporate speak” you’ll show customers a personal side of who you are. This is important because we do business with people, not businesses.

Get a blog right and it will bring new customers to your door. If you’re thinking of starting a business blog or have let yours go on hiatus too long, check out this post on what makes a great business blog.
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