Teach for Reach

Whilst your content marketing might be entertaining, informative, snappy and sexy, you might want to try teaching for reach.

For example, if you run a copywriting agency don’t just bombard clients with ads, banners, testimonials or sign-up forms, set out to actually teach them.

My post last week 10 Tips to Help You Write Better Headlines was a specific example of teaching to reach.

Now I could have saved that kind of post for an existing client who I’m teaching to write better web-copy, but by sharing it with everyone for free, my experience and expertise becomes a way of reaching new audiences.

Giving it Away

For some “old school” business folk giving products or services away for free seems crazy. But as someone who embraces online marketing and communications I know from experience that sharing some of your best tips or suggestions actually brings people in. Not everyone will feel, for example, that they have the skills to craft their writing into web-writing and may then turn to you – say, an experienced, professional copywriter – to help them with their campaign.
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The iPad Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

With the launch of the iPad on March 12, 2010 Apple started a new era in online content marketing.

Ever since the iPhone appeared Steve Jobs and Co have been getting you used to the idea of reading on a digital device, of having access to the Net in the palm of your hand, of reading online newspapers and magazines in the browser and books via Kindle iPhone app. Just ask the 33.75 million who’ve bought them.


A game-changer for digital marketing?

When Apple ships the first generation iPad on April 3, that reading experience is going to get a whole lot more slicker. Marketing strategy folks around the world will no doubt sit up and pay attention.
As more people adopt the iPad, and Apple competitors come out with cheaper clones, we’re likely to see a massive growth in the number of people reading digital content in the palm of their hand.

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What the iPad Means to Marketers

With more and more people reading on digital devices like tablets –and this will come given our increasing preference for (mobile) digital over print– there’s a wonderful opportunity for your business to provide customers and prospects with a variety of excellent digital content.

Blogs and websites are great to read on a computer and we’re pretty happy to do so. And I’m sure they’ll be just as popular on tablet PCs like the iPad. But I think ebooks will boom in popularity.

For starters, the landscape delivery of well-designed ebooks (Joseph Jaffe’s latest offering The Customer Service Manifesto is simply gorgeous) makes for a better reading experience. I expect that to improve even more when the iPad lands.

Then there’s the launch of the iBook Store. This will probably do for text what iTunes have done for digital music. Imagine if you can get the latest copy of your favourite magazine from the iBook Store. No more queuing in the newsagents. No more paper to recycle. That’s a whole market waiting to explode onto tablet screens in homes all around the world.

Ebooks and Digital Marketing Strategy

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Understanding Content Marketing with Sharon Hurley Hall

After talking blogs, Facebook, Vlogs, and the social communications scene in Sweden, I wanted to talk to a content provider.

content marketing sharon hurley hall

Sharon Hurley Hall

So this week’s interview is with Sharon Hurley Hall.

Sharon, who is from the UK, specialises in web content and search engine optimized (SEO) web copy. She also does a lot of ghostwriting and ghost blogging.

I definitely recommend you follow Sharon on Twitter. She also blogs at Get Paid to Write Online.


Jon Buscall: What is the best way for a new business looking to embrace content marketing to get started?

Sharon Hurley Hall: The best approach is to forget about the idea of marketing in the traditional sense. People are tired of having the same old stuff pushed at them via the same old channels. Think instead about what you can provide that’s relevant to your customer and that your customer will find valuable. In a sense you are not selling your product, but showing off your expertise.

If your customers find value in the content you provide, then you will become a go-to resource – and *then* they may buy your product or service.

Jon Buscall: Do you think that a comprehensive content marketing strategy can completely or partially replace traditional advertising and marketing?

Sharon Hurley Hall: I’m not an expert, but there are lots of online examples of people who have built successful businesses simply by marketing content. Consider Brian Clark’s Copyblogger blog, for example, where valuable information is given away free every day.

As far as I can tell – and I speak subject to correction – Brian has built a following by giving away good free stuff, so that when he’s got something to sell, people are falling over themselves to sign up.

That can work for any business, if the business knows what information the customer wants and can provide it.

Jon Buscall: I see you’ve written an E-book. Should E-books (still!) be a core component of a small business marketing strategy?
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